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How will the funds be used?

100% of the funds will be used to procure and distribute PPE supplies to frontline workers. Please fill out our request form to let us know of your needs.

Why Donate Globally vs. Locally?

We are encouraging both and many of our volunteers donate food, PPE or other supplies locally. For example, one of our team runs a food distribution company in the Phillippines and has donated 30 tons of frozen food to poorer areas of the country. As a global organization, we believe we can help each other when it is needed the most and together we have stronger buying power and influence over our suppliers. The Pandemic will continue to cycle and there will likely be multiple waves in different countries around the world and so when one country has the most need, others will help and vice versa.

Where First?

We started this initiative by suppling donations to 6 countries and are expanding to many more.

How can we help aside from donations?

If you want to share sources of suppliers, help distribute medical supplies, help to promote this initiative in the press, please use the Contact Us form below.

Are donations tax deductible?

We are now able to offer a tax reduction receipt for US based tax payers. To achieve this, we've partnered with an existing US based 501(c)3 non-profit. Use the contact Us form if you have donated since we've created this partnership and would like to have your receipt for this tax deduction. If you are not a US based tax payer, then we are looking to partner with non-profit organizations in other countries which might be able to offer something similiar. Please use the Contact Us form below to let us know if you have any questions related to this.

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